Third Station: Jesus is Condemned by the Sanhedrin

Listen to this scripture passage & reflection, and pray along with us…
We adore You, O Christ, and bless You… 
because by Your holy Cross You have redeemed the world. 

When day came the council of elders of the people met, both chief priests and scribes, and they brought him before their Sanhedrin.  They said, “If you are the Messiah, tell us,” but he replied to them, “If I tell you, you will not believe, and if I question, you will not respond.  But from this time on the Son of Man will be seated at the right hand of the power of God.”  They all asked, “Are you then the Son of God?” He replied to them, “You say that I am.”  Then they said, “What further need have we for testimony? We have heard it from his own mouth.”

Luke 22: 66-71

When Jesus is condemned by the Sanhedrin, there is no argument, no team of lawyers, no defense. The Son of Man humbly stands alone. Jesus declares the power of God, accepts God’s will, takes up his cross, loving us every step of the way.

How do I follow in His footsteps? Each day I begin with the best of intentions. I ask God to guide me in doing His will. Let my words be Your words Lord, I say. Let each person I meet today see in me a joyful servant of God. I know I often fall short, but there are so many blessings in trying again and again!

Do I humbly accept God’s will? I have had tremendous help with acceptance through our generous faith filled community of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. “Everything that happens in your life is part of God’s plan for your eternal happiness.” These wise words shared with me in a spirituality class opened my eyes. I could now see God’s hand in every aspect of my life.

As I journey through this most Holy Season of Lent, my prayers are of deep gratitude for His ultimate sacrifice. My petitions are for joyful acceptance of God’s will. My hope is that I humbly take up my cross… Loving Him every step of the way!

grant us your sense of righteousness
that we may never cease to work
to bring about the justice of the kingdom that you promised.

Our Father...
Hail Mary...
Glory Be to the Father...

Lord Jesus Christ, your passion and death is the sacrifice that unites heaven and earth, and reconciles all people to you.  May we who have faithfully reflected on the mysteries of Your passion follow in your steps and so come to share your glory in heaven where you live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, God, for ever and ever.  Amen.  

Lord Jesus Christ... crucified... have mercy on us.  

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

By Deb Donohue